It’s all about your mind!

Hi, I am Sanket Dongre. I am a learning designer by profession and in my day job, I create educational content for customers.

I am passionate about positively affecting people’s lives by creating meaningful audio-visual learning experiences and stories.

My mission is to help people become more creative, thoughtful and productive in their lives.

On this blog, you will find helpful articles, some techniques and stories on improving personal creativity and thinking skills. I personally like to research and experiment with various methods/techniques to improve my own creativity and thinking. Here, I will share my research findings: inspiring stories that I read, things that have worked (or not worked) for me and few hacks to quickly get things done.

I also love creating animated explainer videos, editing them with some cool effects and music to communicate stories visually. I will be posting these creations (videos) on my new YouTube channel Tinkerbrains Stories (to be launched in April 2019). These are videos that can be simplified explanations for various scientific or real-world concepts, about creativity & thinking improvement (my core blog topic), inspiring stories or personal vlogs.

One of my other initiatives is Tinkerbrains Learn, a YouTube channel where I post how-to tutorials on various content creation tools that I have learned (or still learning) like Unity3D, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator etc. I am also exploring the medium of Virtual and Augmented reality. So there will be those tutorials as well. I believe learning these various visual creation tools and technologies have helped me boost my own creativity tremendously. It gives us the power to create stuff which we may have only imagined or aspired to create. So spreading the knowledge of using these tools is an extended part of my mission.

I think if we make a conscious effort to train our brain, we can achieve whatever we want in life. Whether its money, satisfaction, productivity or anything else.

Our mind is the control center of our life and we need to put efforts to keep it healthy, active and working.

I am a lifelong learner and don’t claim to be a know-it-all. But I think sharing what I am learning is important. So if you really want to be more creative and productive in your life, I welcome you in this journey which we will take together.